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Music was always a passion of mine, but I always doubted myself and never released anything. On January 4th 2019, I released my first single "Back Around".  A few shows, festivals, interviews and music videos and we're here now.I truly appreciate all of the people who supports my music and the journey. Don't ever let other people's opinions keep you from following your dreams. One Love

David Daudin - Made it Out ft Culturedkelz

David Daudin ft Joshua - Hot Fire

David Daudin - Crest Commercial

David Daudin - Can't Talk About It

Back Around (official video)


Whatever You Need (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Hip Hop Remix

David Cunningham (Prod. by Petrofsky Beats)

Check out this great video

On March 18, 2019 Loud Gallery owner Moxamillion believed in me enough to put me on the roster for one of his shows in Orlando. Truly grateful for the opportunity. 

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